Q:How many leads are there per pencil?

A: There are three leads per pencil.


Q: Are the erasers smudge resistant?

A: These are some of the best erasers. Smudging is a pet peeve of mine.


Q: Are these good to use for 3 graders to use for school?

A: Yes, I would recommend them for 3rd gr use. The thicker .7 mm lead helps keep writing steady and does not break as quickly as the .5mm.


Q: are the leads refillable?

A: Yes


Q: Are there refills for the erasers?

A: Eraser refills are not available for this mechanical pencil.


Q: can these be used in a spirograph

A: Im pretty sure they can.


Q: These are not colored pencils are they I hope. Just ordered them later thought is the color pen connnected to color lead?????

A: It’s regular lead.


Q: Can you know if you will get the pastel colour barrels,or the normal sparkle barrels?

A: All the products available for purchase are specifically selectable. You can choose which design you prefer. However each design coordinates with a specific lead size. So based on the lead size you are most comforatable with is the design that will be available. These designs relate to specific titles.


Q: Which type of width of lead is best for thin type of lead?

A: It uses 0.7 mm lead.


Q: How do I refill the pencil lead?

A: Slipknot 3 slats. Removing the elastic can be refilled.


Q: do all the pencils have led in them already ?

A: No LEDs in these bad boys just three sticks of graphite



A: Yes there are, as long as it's ".5mm" lead.


Q: Does it come with led

A: The pencils have lead in them. There is not extra lead. That has to be purchased serparately.


Q: How long does one stick of lead last in these pencils?

A: If you roll out some butcher paper on the ground and drag the lead across you should get between 75-150 meters on a single stick, with normal pressure


Q: does lead come with it

A: Yes they all have two long pieces of lead in them just like if you were buying them at a regular store.


Q: Can you replace the lead?

A: I don’t think so, the lead probably costs more than the pencils.



Q: How thick is the paper

A: I am not familiar with the different paper thickness guage but I can tell it is thicker than you average notebooks. I use ink gel pens and it seems to have no issues blotting to the next page or behind the pages. I hope this helps.


Q: Are the pages numbered?

A: Yes, in the new Earth Collection.


Q: Does the binding allow the notebook lie flat when open?

A: Yes


Q: Are all cover bright or dark/fade color ?

A: They are all differ t colors, mine has not faded


Q: Is the actual sheet of paper a true a5 size, 148 x 210 mm? neither l. or r. notebooks are true a5.

A: Truely a5 size


Q: What is the paper weight?

A: Hi Christine, the paper weight is 100 gsm (gr/m2).


Q: what is the dot count in the dot grid a5 notebook?

A: Hi there! There are 29 dots across and 40 down the page. If you have any other questions, just let us know.


Q: Are the pages numbered?

A: Hello! The pages of the notebooks I have ordered are not numbered, but they do come with ruled lines if you want them.


Q: Several questions have noted that the dots are 5mm apart. Is that also true of the grid version? How many squares per page vertically and horizontally

A: Hi there! For the grid versions of our notebooks, there are 31 squares across the page and 42 squares down. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


Q: What are the different sizes for? Ex, line, dot and grid etc.

A: Depends on preference. Lines for true journaling. I prefer the grid for bullet journaling and it makes it easier for me to draw plans for equipment designs. Not a fan of the dot.


Q: Does this sharpener make long, very sharp points?

A: It has option for long points or shorter ones.



Q: Does the pencil sharpener have an auto stop to protect from over sharpening soft core colored pencils?

A: Yes, the sharpener has Automatic smart sharpening sensor ensures the cutter stop when pencil is sharp, reducing waste pencil.


Q: I'm looking for a pencil sharpener for watercolor colored pencils by Crayola. Has anyone used it on these?

A: I've never used it for water colored pencils.


Q: I have problems with my hands, is this easy to use and empty? Thank you

A: Very easy to use...just slide pencil in. Shaving receptacle slides right out.