About Us

Our company offers diversified products,mainly based on stationery.Manufacture and supply of writing instruments, such as  pencils, gel pens, notebooks,office goods,such as pencil sharpeners, cellophane tape, penholders, and erasers as well as other text-correction products.The style is fashionable, simple, it is essential to study and work,and of good quality, which is widely recognized by consumers. Through the efficient integration of global resources, including raw materials, technology, capital, market, talent and creative culture, we spread our company's creativity, brand and culture to the world, and touch the world with unique cultural connotation.

Brand Positioning:Our company is committed to providing comfortable, interesting, environmentally friendly, cost-effective stationery to let people enjoy the use process and inspire users to be creative.Our products, to inspire the power of inspiration, help everyone to achieve the dream of creativity!